Education and Training

Our training program was approved by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in 2011 & fully accredited in November 2013. 


Dr. Kateryna Vostretsova, is the Program Director for the Adult Subspecialty, and Dr. Kyla Hildebrand is the Pediatrics Program Director.


Allergy and Immunology Fellowship Training Program

The Adult Immunology & Allergy fellowship program is 2 years in length.  For specific information on the requirements of the program, please visit:

There will be 6 months of mandatory training in Adult Clinical Immunology & Allergy, 3 months of Pediatric Clinical Immunology & Allergy, 1 month of Immunodeficiency, 1 month of Laboratory Immunology, 1 month of Adult Respiratory, 1 month of Adult Rheumatology, 1 month of Dermatology, and 1 month of Transplantation. Elective rotations available will include Adult Otolaryngology, Adult Gastroenterology, Community Allergy, or further months in any of the mandatory rotations.
We are working to expand the number of clinical teachers and have just added a combined adult/peds rotation  in Victoria and, are working on adding Kelowna in the next year. This is progressing, and we would hope to be able to offer electives for residents at this site soon.

Elective Rotations for Internal Medicine, Dermatology & Visiting Residents

This month-long elective rotation for residents in Internal Medicine and it subspecialties has become increasingly popular in recent years. Clinical members commit a half to a full day per week of their office practice.


All members of the Division are actively involved in teaching students, residents, community physicians and lay persons.