Research Interests


The members at St. Paul’s hospital have a major interest in management of Primary Immune Deficiency and have initiated a number of research projects as well as interactions with the lay organizations, Canadian Immune Deficiency Patient Organization and the Jeffrey Modell Foundation. Drs. Schellenberg, Kanani and Stark are undertaking a study evaluating the quality of life and health outcome parameters of patients with primary immunodeficiency, comparing IVIG treatment to SCIG treatment.

Dr Amin Kanani

Dr. Kanani is a member of the Jeffrey Modell Foundation of Canada, an organization that promotes awareness of primary immune deficiency with health care providers and the lay public. He is on the Canadian Hereditary Angioedema Network Board of Directors, an organization that is committed to ensuring all Hereditary Angioedema patients in Canada have access to excellent care that reflects current management and treatment guidelines, and works to promote research and education. Dr. Kanani is President of the British Columbia Society of Allergy and Immunology. He has been a speaker at numerous medical conferences and involved in promoting awareness of allergy and immunology conditions to Canadians.

Dr. Raymond Mak

Dr. Mak is involved in food allergy research at the BC Children’s hospital.